Caring for your Pointe Shoes

Caring For Your Pointe Shoes

When you dance, your feet sweat…
when your feet sweat, your pointe shoes get
when your pointe shoes get wet, it helps to
mold them to your feet..
if your pointe shoes STAY wet, they will
break down faster than they should.

Follow these simple rules to get the
most life out of your pointe shoes.

  • NEVER wash your pointe shoes.
  • NEVER place your pointe shoes under a bunch of stuff in the bottom of your dance bag… you must let them air dry for about 24 hours.
  • ALWAYS  store your pointe shoes in a mesh bag, separate from the rest of your dance gear…you can  hang your mesh bag from the outside of your dance bag with a clip.
  • ALWAYS  remove your toe pads from your pointe shoes …you can put them in the mesh bag, too, just don’t leave them inside your shoes.
  • ALWAYS wash your toe pads…they get stinky.  Just give them a  short soak in the sink with some gentle detergent.  Pat them off and let them air dry.





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